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Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products

‘The LTX is the result of thousands of hours spent researching how users behave in work environments’ said Michael H. Dunn, president and CEO of PolyVision. “It truly reflects the needs of the entire com­munity of users in both the corporate world and education, not just the so-called power users?’

It’s not your father’s whiteboard   Technical Info Here

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4' by 8 ft long $6995 $6526  
4' by 12 ft long $7995 $7460  




This Unit defies the usual descriptions. Its writing surface is made of PolyVision’s indestructible P3 ceramicsteel surface. It also contains within its casing a very low-tech but essential year’s supply of markers.

A natural evolution

Building on its base as the largest manufacturer of standard white­boards, PolyVision features a line of competitive products in the visual communications market. CopyCam is an image capturing system that uses sophisticated lens technology and a wireless, color printer to turn any chalk or whiteboard into a copy-board. The Webster touch-sensitive, plasma-display, and rear-projection products compete in the electronic whiteboard segment of the market.

“Nobody has spent more time study­ing the interaction between the user and a whiteboard than we have,” said Dunn. “We’ve taken all the studies of user behavior, team structure, and how people work to create a product that better addresses people’s needs?’

“The LTX is so user friendly that if you don’t know what to do, you just hit the “information” button and any other button on the device and it explains the function’ said Dunn. Polyvision has created a product that is so intuitive and has such a minimal barrier to use that you want to try it. Then in future sessions, as you make it through the feature set, you become a proficient user.

A lifetime warranty

The LTX comes with a lifetime war­ranty on the surface and mechanical parts and a 3-year warranty on elec­tronic components.

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