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One-Button CopyCam SI Debuts at $2,499

This summer PolyVision is introducing a streamlined and less expensive version of its best-selling CopyCam 

Image Capturing System—the CopyCam SI. Featuring a one-button control and a wireless, color printer, the 

Si converts any whiteboard or chalkboard into a color copyboard in minutes.

Push CopyCam Si’s only button and print what’s on the board instantly. No more post-meeting transcription sessions or worrying about erasing vital information. Everyone at the meeting can walk out with a hard copy of what was written on the board.
The SI works with extremely sophisticated optical technology in a wall-mounted camera arm to capture everything written on the board (even what’s written in the far corners) with superior clarity. The wireless, color printer eliminates bulky cords and can be located anywhere in the room.
The SI can easily be upgraded to a regular CopyCam (allowing images to be saved to disk or the Web) by unplugging one control pad and plugging in another.

Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products

CopyCam™ transforms existing whiteboards into copyboards, instantly capturing notes and projections by simply pressing one of three buttons: print, save to disk, or save to the Web. There is no equipment setup prior to meetings, and CopyCam is so intuitive, no computer or training is necessary. Advanced lens optics embedded in a wall-mounted camera arm capture every image with superior clarity – even notes in the far corners. On boards sized up to 4' x 8', every mark is captured with precision.

While simple to operate, the CopyCam System utilizes superior technology, enabling wireless printing. The printer – included with purchase – eliminates bulky cords and can be located anywhere in the room. High quality image processing software produces vivid color images, and a sophisticated design requires minimal space. CopyCam enhances the learning and listening environment by eliminating the requirement of taking notes. Participants have instant access to material presented on the board through hard copy or electronic files. Facilitators no longer have to deal with post-meeting transcription or worry about erasing vital information. CopyCam’s sleek industrial design is non-intrusive and does not distract from presentations.

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Why choose CopyCam?
Converts existing whiteboard or chalkboard into an active color copyboard
Simple to operate; no training required
Advanced lens optics provide superior clarity, even in far corners
Eliminates transcription and the requirement of taking notes
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