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MSIS Offers All—In—One Solution For Schools and Corporations


What teacher or presenter hasn’t often wished at different times for a whiteboard, chalkboard, tackboard, projection screen, and interactive whiteboard? Now it’s possible to have all that in one product—PolyVision’s new Multi—Surface Interactive System (MSIS).

The MSIS is a giant 4-foot by 12- or 16-foot system of sliding surfaces that combine static, active, and interactive solutions: a Webster Touch Sensitive (TS) Interactive Whiteboard, horizontal sliders, and marker, chalk, or tack boards. Customers can select their own combination according to their unique needs.

 “Our customers asked for interactive and high—quality P3 ceramicsteel writing surfaces at the same time,” said Gregory D. Cessna, PolyVision’s executive vice president of North America. “This is a great way to provide that, especially as space is always a concern. The sliders allow us to combine everything in the smallest amount of space.”

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