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PolyVision Introduces New 50” Interactive Plasma Display System at a great Package Price

IPD9350 w/50" display $11,250

PolyVision is offering new Webster Interactive Plasma Display (IPD) Systems featuring 50—inch Pioneer Model PDP-503CMX screens. For years, PolyVision has made kits that allowed existing plasma screens to be modified for interactivity. However, the all—in—one product—offers tremendous quality and convenience while saving the customer a significant amount of money.


“We’re selling a complete interactive system for less than the retail price of the plasma display alone,” said Peter W. Hildebrandt, director of product management. “We’ve engineered the most cost—effective turnkey solution in the market.”

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The Webster IPD systems combine the ultimate visual clarity of plasma technology with the superior advantages of laser tracking.

atmospheric operating range 800-1100hPa

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