indoff.jpg (10361 bytes) Marker and Chalk Tray by Polyvision order from Indoff   860-632-2026

Polyvision has stopped making boards and trim in 2008. 
Indoff-CT sells many extrusions like those at Polyvision see Extrusions

Polyvision as of 2009 only does skins now they have stopped manufacturing boards and trim!


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Box Tray Factory applied


series 50 Snap-on

see 439 tray

Series 200


Box Style Series 20
Factory Applied


Series 10 Field Field  


Series CR-20 Tray
available with MAgnet on back or without for permanent installation

tray is 1 " high x 2 " projection from the wall $5.50/ln ft

Stock lengths of 24 ft

Series 100 J trim 3/4" face

Series 400 3/8" face


300 field apply 1-3/4" face
see Snap-on H-Bar

300L Snap-on field apply
for 1/2" thick