snap on label holders for modular racks and work stations.
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AngleVision™ combines a heavy duty, clear plastic insertable label holder with a flexible “C” channel snap that retrofits the .100” - .112” diameter tubing used by major work station manufacturers. Tilt holder to any desired angle for maximum visibility and snap it off to relocate.
made to fit on and label
Quixxsmart™ Fastube, Pro-Pipe, Creform, C-Tek, Textube, WorkSmart, Tri-logic, and LeanTek type lean manufacturing tubular component systems

2” x 4” label that is protected from dirt and moisture by a bar code compatible clear finish cover. To change a label simply re-mark and re-insert.
Twenty- five (25) holders per package. White Inserts included. Additional Laser Inserts available as shown below.
ANGLEVISION™ Label Holders
Stock # Color Backing Unit Retail List
AV2400 Clear Snap-On 25 / box $35.00
Optional Laser Inserts
Stock # Color Unit Retail List
LI-514-5 White 2"x4" 500 / pkg $20.50