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A special product designed for spineless ledgers and binders
All types of spineless ledgers, data binders and
post binders require a special type of label holder.
BIND-X® does the job neatly and efficiently.
Just write the subject title on the paper insert and place it inside the plastic strip. Then cut to the desired length.
To apply, moisten the gummed strip and insert between the printout pages. For temporary use, insert strip without moistening. You can use it repeatedly just by changing the paper insert.
BIND-X® is available in four (4) colors and clear.
Custom lengths available, please consult factory or your distributer for details.
Ample paper inserts are provided. Laser/lnkJet compatible inserts are available.

Type/Specifications Colors Widths Lengths
BIND-X® Red, Blue, Lemon
Green, Clear
3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1",
1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2"
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Stock # Width Unit Clear $ / Unit
B-41 3/8" 12/bx or bulk 8.50
B-21 1/2" 12/bx or bulk 10.00
B-31 3/4" 12/bx or bulk 12.00
B-11 1" 12/bx or bulk 14.00
B-71 1-1/2" 12/bx or bulk 15.00
B-51 2" 12/bx or bulk 18.00
B-61 2-1/2" 12/bx or bulk 20.00
Standard Box: BIND-X®: Twelve (12) - 6" length strips with pre-cut white inserts
Four (4) Colors and Clear
Custom Lengths available on a Made to Order basis.
(laser/inkjet insert sheets available)