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Frig·IdTM Laser Sheets

FINALLY! A Cost Effective Solution for Labeling Low Temperature Storage Applications!

Print laser labels in ANY quantity! Permanent adhesive becomes more aggressive as temperature drops below 32°F.

Minimum application temp -20°F. Surface must be flat, clean and dry for best results. Letter Size, Portrait format in three (3) popular sizes shown below. White, Heavy Duty Label stock. 25 sheets with printing instructions per package.

Stock # Size Unit Labels / Pkg Price / Pkg
LT-13 1" x 3" 25 500 32.75
LT-24 2" x 4" 25 250 32.75
LT-35 3" x 5" 75 500 32.75


Frig·IdTM Cold Storage Labeling System

Finally a cost effective solution for labeling cold storage applications!

Print "Frig·IdTM" Labels Apply to Aggressive Magnets
Frig·Id Frig·Id

"Now" Laser Print cold storage labels in house in large or small quantities. The "New" "Frig·IdTM" Labeling system will perform in temperatures to -20°F - count on it! "Frig·IdTM" Laser Labels are precision cut to three (3) popular sizes on 8 ˝" x 11" sheets. The permanent adhesive system becomes more aggressive as temperature drops below 32°F. Apply to Lo-Temp magnets (included) and install. Relocate as required. Kit Includes: 25 magnets, ample labels and printing instructions.

Stock # Description Qty / Pkg Labels / Pkg Retail List
FK-1 1" x 3" Kit (Labels & Magnets) 25 60 Labels
(3 sheets)
FK-2 2" x 4" Kit (Labels & Magnets) 25 40 Labels
(4 sheets)
FK-3 3" x 5" Kit (Labels & Magnets) 25 30 Labels
(10 sheets)