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Magnetic Tags

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These write-on/wipe-off magnetic products are the same our standard Magnetic Tags
with a twist--- COLORS.

Available in Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow.
Use these tags to color-code any similar locations within pallet racking and shelving in your warehouse, stock rooms, parts storage and more. Uses are never-ending!
Made from a durable thick magnet and wet erase vinyl top coating, these can be marked and “remarked” as product identification changes.
(Wet Erase Marker sold separately, see below.) Dry Erase markers can also be used w/ this product
Sold In Rolls Only.
Custom Cutting & Custom Widths are Available. A minimum of 250 pcs is required for custom sizes
Standard Package: Factory Choice on shipping container

Colored Magnetic Write-On / Wet Erase Tags  
Stock # Color Width Length $ / Roll
MX-100 White 1" 50 feet 68.00
MX-200 White 2" 50 feet 115.00
MX-300 White 3" 50 feet 158.00
MX-120 Green 1" 50 feet 69.00
MX-130 Blue 1" 50 feet 69.00
MX-140 Red 1" 50 feet 69.00
MX-150 Orange 1" 50 feet 69.00
MX-160 Yellow 1" 50 feet 69.00
MX-260 Yellow 2" 50 feet 115.00



Magnetic Tag Marker

The marker is specially formulated to work with all write-on/wipe-off magnetic products sold.
Standard Package:
12 (1 dz) markers per box

Magnetic Tag Marker
Stock # Type Color $/ Dozen
STD-101 Sanford® Vis-a-Vis® Wet Erase Marker Black 25.75