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Magnetize It!
These HOT NEW magnetic tape colors non-continuous roll for attachment to whatever you wish to be magnetic.  These eye catching colors are ideal for immediately locating what you want  with extra magnetic strength.

see Shelf Magnets on for write-on surfaces.

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Remember To Please specify color when order - Colors Available Are As Follows
(LG)Light Green-(T)Teal-(LP)Light Pink-(M)Mauve-(L)Lavender-(LB)Light Blue

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is a flexible magnetic strip available in 30" pieces, the magnet is 1/16" (.060" thick).   You can easily magnetize job ticket holders, shelf labels and signs, posters, computer labels, etc.  The colors are painted onto the magnetic strip which makes lead time from factory approx 1 week.    Since the colors are painted on the paint is brittle.... if you cut these or bend them excessively  you get flaking.    Only recommended as smaller cut pieces (that are written on one time only or labeled)


Width Length Part Number Price
.060 1/4" 30" non-continuous roll MV14X30-() $41.00
.060 3/8" 30" non-continuous roll MV38X30-() $42.50
.060 1/2" 30" non-continuous roll MV12X30-() $60.00
.060 3/4" 30" non-continuous roll MV34X30-() $85.00
.060 1" 30" non-continuous roll MV1X30-() $110.00
.060 1 1/2" 30" non-continuous roll MV115X30-() $150.00
.060 2" 30" non-continuous roll MV2X30-() $190.00


This Material Is Non-Returnable

There is a $25 Up-Charge On Each Color Ordered -Whether its a continuation of a job or a new job this charge will apply.    Max piece length is 30" due to painting process.