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Webster Product line has 5 main groups

TS-Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard Vinyl Surface
these are the renamed Ibid line and in QO4000 family

LT Laser Tracking Whiteboard

IRP Interactive Rear Projection System - Laser Tracking

IPD-  50" Plasma Monitor and Laser Interactive

New product CopyCam 



Webster - LTX

Webster - MSIS

Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products
Revolutionize group interactivity with the powerful sophistication of Webster™ and CopyCam™, PolyVision’s visual communication interactive products. PolyVision enhances learning and communication, improves productivity and delivers on technology’s potential to elevate group dynamics to a new dimension.

From electronically capturing whiteboard notes, to providing large screen interactive computer functionality – including Internet access – Webster and CopyCam offer versatile solutions for meeting, classroom, or teleconferencing environments. A comprehensive range of products, which easily link to a PC or Macintosh®, enables customers to select the option that best suits their business or education needs. Custom-designed Executive Casework Units complement the product line by protecting and showcasing equipment. Create, capture, and interact as you’ve never been able to before. Discover how PolyVision is changing the way people learn, work, and visually communicate. 

Top Reasons to Consider PolyVision’s Webster and CopyCam Line
Intuitive functionality – easy to use Superior features
Industry leading products Product innovation
Award-winning product line Outstanding functionality
Advanced technology    

Experience Tremendous Benefits

Transforms classrooms and meetings into more productive environments
Instantly captures and electronically records meeting notes
Eliminates the requirement of note-taking and
post-meeting transcription
Commands attention
Adds new dimension to learning experience
Enhances presentations
Stimulates group collaboration
Provides real-time group access to the entire digital world
Enables global collaboration


CopyCam Ovonics Electronic Copyboards IRP Interactive Rear Projection System - Laser Tracking
IPD Interactive Plasma Display LT Laser Tracking Whiteboard TS-Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard Vinyl Surface