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indoff.jpg (10361 bytes)P3 whiteboard and chalkboard skins by Alliance

P3 ceramicsteel - ceramic write-on surface being applied to steel sheet at Factory therefore its magnetic

P3 and E3

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Alliance/Polyvision's new  P3 is clearly the best surface there is for Dry-Erase Whiteboards, Walls and Chalkboards. It is produced in coils by coating steel sheet stock with a ultra smooth, optically flat and highly durable ceramic-on-steel surface that delivers a lustrous and silky smooth writing experience on a surface that is  magnetic, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and wear resistant.        Thickness=> P3 standard skins are 28 gauge with 24 gauge available
We supply it in a variety of forms.
1)  as skin only - steel sheet with one surface coated - for custom wall application P3
2) as wood backed skin - we laminate P3 to 1/2" wood and add splines for wall systems
3) Framed units - backed skin with aluminum or wood frames- customs and standards
4) Quartet Dry erase - standard size P3 boards

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Low Gloss P3 the Projectable dry erase surface
Note -- P3 Low Gloss - not recommended for use with low odor markers


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