Aigner and Indoff being you the most complete line of Label Holders, Writable Magnetic Tags and Unique products to Index, Label and tag all your shelving, racks and storage locations.Your Source for Label Holder Products
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The 4 biggest selling Aigner items are:

Hol-Dex Clear Label Holders - the best
Slip•Strip  Very Unique holders
SuperScan  Label Holders
Wire-Rack Label Holders Snap on label for wire shelving

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Aigner Index Complete Line

Movable shelf     

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Adapta Strip Label for wire decking

Angle-Vision Plastic Label Holder "C" Channel label for tubing

BIN•BUDDY™ Label Holders Self adhesive label for plastic bins & totes

Bind X Label Holder for spineless ledgers and binders

Charge Card Write-On/ West erase 2 sided color coded magnet

Colored Magnetic Strips Magnetic, wet erase strips

Econo Holder Clear plastic "C" channel w/ insert

Extension Aisle Flexible PVC 90 degree extension aisle

Floor Labeling System Permanent solution for labeling floor storage

Frid-ID Labeling low temperature storage

Hi-lo-label holders 45 degree attachable label

Holdex Clear Label Holders Hook & loop backed holder

Job Ticket Holder Clear flexible job holder

Laser Printer Labels Laser / Inkjet compatible inserts

Mag Print printable magnetic material

Magnetic Roll stock magnetic strip w/ adhesive or plain sides

Magnetic Rubber Cardholders  Metal racks/ shelves w/ insert

Magnetic strip Write on/ wet erase tags

Moveable “Shelf” Labelholder Bottom load shelf label

Open Edge Top load industrial shelving

Shelf Clip Clear Plastic relocation label

Shelf Labeling Strips Top load self adhesive backing

Slip Strip  2- way label holder Top and Bottom Load

Snap-Label holder for Wire Snap on label for wire displays

SuperScan Label Holders Bar-Code label holder

T-Slot new Label holder system for "T" SLOT aluminum extrusion modular components

Tri-Dex for slotted plastic bins

Warehouse Aisle Sign Kit  Flexible plastic sign holder

Wire-Rack Label Holders Snap on label for wire shelving

Wire Rac Max Clear bar code compatible snap on label

Wire Rac Med snap label compatible with Cari-All shelving

Zip Seal Protects Labels / Documents from Spills, Moisture, Dirt & Chemicals